Dental Services

At Enhance Family Dental, we are a family practice. We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of services to all members of the family. To help you and your loved ones maintain a beautiful smile, Brian Hill, DDS uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, to prevent problems, and repair function and cosmetic issues.

Preventative and Family Services

Maintaining proper oral hygiene can help keep your mouth healthy, but plaque build-up and bacteria can still cause significant problems. That is why preventative services are essential. At Enhance Family Dental, we can help keep your oral health pristine by providing thorough dental exams and professional cleanings. During your professional cleaning, our licensed dental hygienist will use a specialized tool known as an ultrasonic scaler to eliminate tartar and clean bacteria out of the deep pockets in your gums.

For children, we offer fluoride treatments to help prevent cavities and even reverse minor tooth decay. Children who are at a greater risk for forming cavities, should undergo regular fluoride treatments. We also offer dental sealants, a protective acrylic layer painted onto the chewing surface of your child’s molars and pre-molars. Dental sealants are a cheap, quick, and effective way to protect your child’s teeth from decay. We typically recommend sealant treatment for pre-teens and teens.

Restorative Services

At Enhance Family Dental, we offer a number of services to help repair and restore any oral health issues you may have. Our restorative services include:
•  Dental Fillings - We offer amalgam (silver) fillings for cavities that are not in your visible smile, and composite fillings shaded to match the natural color of your tooth.
•  Dental Crowns - Crowns are primarily used for teeth that have undergone significant tooth decay. They can also be used for teeth with structural damage caused by trauma. If your tooth is compromised, we can reshape it, place the crown, and protect the nerve and root.
•  Dental Bridges - If you are missing a tooth, we can fill the gap using a prosthesis known as a dental bridge. Traditional bridges consist of two dental crowns linked together by a pontic (or replacement tooth). Dental bridges can help prevent future issues with your bite, and fix the appearance of your smile.
•  Dental Implants - Implants are another effective way to replace a missing tooth. During the implant procedure, a titanium screw is gently placed into your jawbone. Once you have healed, the screw will serve as the root component of a tooth. Dental implants can support anything from a dental crown, a bridge, to even an entire arch of teeth.
•  Tooth Extractions - Sometimes a tooth can become so problematic, it needs to be removed. In this case, we can perform a tooth extraction to reduce any pain, eliminate risks, and restore your oral health.
•  Root Canal Therapy - We use root canal therapy to salvage teeth and avoid extractions. To save the tooth, we remove any damaged or infected tissue from inside the root and seal the area to prevent future infection. Despite popular misconceptions, root canals are relatively painless thanks to advancements in modern medicine.

Cosmetic Services

Some patients find themselves unhappy with the current state of their smile. That is why we offer cosmetic services to provide you with the smile you deserve. Services such as teeth whitening, contouring and reshaping, dental veneers, and dental bonding allow us to completely transform your smile.

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