Periodontal Care

Diagram of periodontitis and health toothAlmost half of Americans over the age of 30 remain unaware they have periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If left untreated, periodontitis results in eventual tooth loss.

Fortunately, we at Enhance Family Dental have many preventive options available that can stop gum disease in its tracks.

Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease

At Enhance Family Dental, periodontal disease is diagnosed by Brian Hill, DDS during your routine dental check up.

A periodontal probe is used to measure the sulcus or pockets between your tooth and gums. A healthy sulcus measures three millimeters or less; however, if you have periodontal disease, your sulcus will be much deeper.

Gum disease progresses in three stages:


Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease that occurs when plaque and tartar build up on your teeth. This results in swollen and inflamed gums that are prone to bleeding. However, professional cleaning by us can easily stop the disease from progressing.


If gingivitis remains untreated, it can progress into a more serious condition called periodontitis. Calculus builds up in your sulcus and gums will start retreating from your teeth. The deep pockets will fill with pus and surrounding tissue, and bone structure may deteriorate.

Advanced Periodontitis

At this stage, your gums will become very irritated and will bleed often. Your teeth will continue to lose gum and bone support, and your periodontal ligament will be damaged. If left untreated, your tooth will become loose and finally fall off.

However, even at this stage, we can treat you with minimally invasive procedures.

Periodontal Care

With sufficient periodontal care, you can stop, and even reverse, the damage to your tooth and gums:
•  Dental Cleanings: If periodontal disease is detected in its early stages, all we will recommend are a few dental cleaning procedures. You will also be given counseling on how to properly care for your teeth and gums and what kind of food to avoid!
•  Scaling and root planing: If the disease has progressed, you will be recommended scaling and root planing procedures under local anesthesia. We will use dental tools to scrape or scale off the tightly cemented calculus and toxins from your teeth and gumline. Then we will smooth the rough areas on your root surfaces to prevent further accumulation of plaque and bacteria. In time, your gums will heal and shrink back to mold around your teeth snugly.
•  Antibiotics: Along with prescribing oral medication, we may also use topical antibiotics like mouth rinses and gel in the space between your teeth and gums to fight off infection.

Preparing for your Appointment

If you experience bleeding gums, loose teeth, persistent bad breath, pus around the teeth, and inflamed gums, you are suffering from gum disease. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (586) 666-4950 so that we can stop the disease in its track. You can prepare for the appointment by listing down:
•  Symptoms you are experiencing
•  Any medical conditions you may have
•  All medications and supplements you take and their dosage
•  Key questions to ask

Remember to schedule an appointment when the disease is still in its initial stages to avoid pain and high treatment cost in the future.

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